What we do

We are dedicated to building robust and real life solving systems, trying to make an enjoyable and successful experience of it. We keep up with technology changes so our teams are always up to date with the latest and best tools to get the job done.
We’re tech agnostic, but of course, experience counts. Our projects portfolio involves the most known technologies, with a focus on cloud computing.

IT partner
We can assist you with the development of your project or particular modules. We provide development, quality assurance and management resources to work alongside your team.
Quality assured
Adooxen assures all products with a high quality level, result of the strict quality process performed. We understand that the quality of our work is the real value we provide, and for that reason all our efforts are aimed at delivering quality products, ensuring both quality and features.

Things like feasibility studies and risks identification, technical alternatives research, architecture design, or drafting a development process and providing an estimation of the times and resources required.
Systems integration
Increase the business value provided by your heterogeneous systems and data sources.